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October 4, 2018.

Kloudspot introduces integration with Social Media, Salesforce, Kibana and Tableau – Industry’s first situation aware digital signage solution with mashable content support

Kloudspot, today announced the industry’s first situation-aware digital signage offering, as part of the KloudDisplay portfolio.

Enterprises can propagate real-time data to the displays using APIs and built in integration with leading ERP, CRM, PMS and visualization systems including Salesforce, Kibana, Tableau, VinSolutions and XTime. KloudDisplay’s IoT sensors can improve advertising ROI by sensing demographics of people and situations at the physical location around the digital display and showing the appropriate advertisement, messaging, social feeds and more.


“Kloudspot’s KloudDisplay is the first of its kind and the only platform that can mashup and overlay social media content, IT applications, and multi-media content. KloudDisplay can react to situations and surroundings, influencing and enhancing the viewer experience. This situational awareness gives businesses the flexibility to create a unique, targeted guest experience” said John Bow, VP of Sales and Marketing, Kloudspot. “API driven, remotely managed, and infinitely configurable makes the KloudDisplay platform ideal for businesses that are trying to monetize existing networks and enable value added services."

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September 30, 2018.

Kloudspot will be at Gitex 2018, Stand 7A-6


Visit us at exhibitor stand FA-6. We are accompanied by our UAE and KAS Region partner - Intelligent Communication Systems LLC., (ITS)

September 30, 2018.
Kloudspot partners with Intelligent Telecommunication Systems for UAE and KAS Regions

Kloudspot Inc., and Intelligent Telecommunication Systems LLC., (ITS) have entered into a partnership to bring the Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform for businesses in the UAE and KAS markets. The Kloudspot Platform is designed to empower physical businesses such as malls, hotels, parks, event venues, dealerships, transportation, office spaces and real estate to harness IoT and Wi-Fi to discover, understand and engage their guests in the digital space.

The partnership will kick off with their participation at Gitex 2018 at the Dubai Center. Stand FA-6

About Intelligent Telecommunication Systems LLC. ITS established in the year 2000, is a premier integrator of systems, network and communication technologies. ITS offers a whole range of services including Transformation Services, Managed Services, Consulting and Professional Services, Cloud Services and Next-Generation Platform-Centric Solutions across a wide range of industries.


July 19, 2018.
Deploying reliable and cost effective technologies on buses

During the live webinar for bus operators, LILEE Systems and eco-system partner Kloudspot presented the Lilee Smart Connectivity platform enabled ecosystem of ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable onboard partner solutions.

Highlights of the Smart Connectivity Platform
• Reduce multiple point systems to a single open platform that is easily managed from the cloud
• Integrate back-end applications, data analytics and real-time reporting
• Achieve high reliability and cost control with our policy-based connectivity management platform
• Optimize onboard camera and sensor data with a smart edge platform

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April 23, 2018.
Kloudspot now powers RSA Conferences

The leading event for Cyber Security in the US, EMEA and the Asia Pacific region, RSA Conference, piloted the Kloudspot Platform for the 2018 Event at San Francisco, USA. RSA Conferences now plans to use the platform for all future conferences.

April 23, 2018.
Kloudspot powers infotainment services on buses and trains

Helping the transportation industry increase operational efficiencies and reduce TCO through partnerships, Kloudspot's infotainment technology solution will be integrated into Lilee Systems' Connected Transportation Solution.
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April 18, 2018.
Kloudspot joins IACC Americas

Kloudspot participated in the The 37th edition of the IACC Americas Connect Conference, April 16-18, 2018 at Philadelphia. Kloudspot highlighted the benefits of real-time situational analytics provided by the Kloudspot Platform for Event Venues and Event Organizers.


IACC members were introduced to the Kloudspot platform and its ability to understand attendee behavior with real-time data on attendee movement, footfall and dwell times that will enable event managers to design and improve audience engagements and visits to exhibitor booths, keynote talks and other exhibits.

The three-day conference, hosted by former White House Director of Events Laura Schwartz
March 05, 2018.
Moscone Center Partners with Kloudspot

Moscone Center, San Francisco and Kloudspot have entered into a understanding to harness Kloudspot platform to gain deeper insights into the events and tradeshows hosted at Moscone. Moscone will utilize Kloudspot technology to understand attendee behavior with real-time data on attendee movement, footfall and dwell times that will enable event managers to design and improve audience engagements and visits to exhibitor booths, keynote talks and other exhibits.
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February 13, 2018.
Techstartups Reports

“Our partnerships with World Travel and Kloudspot is essential to our business’s growth because it expands our users’ reach exponentially and are concrete steps towards the platform’s functionality,” said Mr. Alwahedi. “Through the partnerships, we strive to provide our hosts and guests with the most secure, trusted and elite services.”
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February 13, 2018.
Cision PR NewsWire

Another new step of integrating technology to CryptoBnB's existing platform is the recently launched partnership with Kloudspot, which grants guests unrivaled access to Wi-Fiand unlimited data connectivity via CryptoConnect. Based on a guest's profile, the technology adapts to better suit a customer's behavior using real-time data, content and services.
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February 2, 2018.
Kloudspot to power blockchain based vacation rental service CryptoBnB

Blockchain based, short time rental service provider company CryptoBnB goes into partnership with Kloudspot to take the customer experience to the next level. The Blockchain enabled rental booking platform CryptoBnB realised the need to offer not just the booking and payment facilities to its users but also to add quality and comfort to their stay. The platform common development will start this April.
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August 29, 2017.
Kloudspot awarded best WiFi Monetization Model Award

Kloudspot was awarded the best WiFi Monetization Award at the 2017 MyIndia WiFi summit. The award recognizes Kloudspot's business model of harnessing WiFi networks and analytics for digital initiatives for better ROI and topline growth.
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June 09, 2017.
KUS Nepal offers home broadband powered by Kloudspot

KUS Solutions, Nepal, has started offering fast and safe home broadband internet services using Kloudspot's cloud based network management services.,
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Mar 17, 2017.
Kloudspot-KUS Solutions partnership launches WiFi Hotspots in Nepal

KUS Solutions has launched WiFi Hotspots at popular locations across the country using Kloudspot's Plug and Play, Cloud Managed WiFi solution.
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