Stadiums And Sports Venues

Fan Behavior Analysis and Real-time Engagement!
Marketing to sports fans has changed a great deal over the last few years, and marketers face new challenges to entice fans from their living rooms into stadiums. The fan will demand increasingly unique and memorable experiences to get them off their sofas.
Kloudspot helps brands focus on creating experiences that enrich live events and cater to today’s tech-savvy fans who could (and want to) engage with multiple screens when at the game.

Identify The Sports Fan And Understand Their Expectations

Sports venues will be expected to offer something truly unique. The energy and atmosphere of the crowd is a crucial part of the live experience, and many fans see attendance as an important part of fandom – but how can it all be enhanced?

The first step is to identify the sports fan and understand their expectations. Identification and classification of the fan base can go a long way in enhancing their in stadium experience and providing meaningful, memorable experiences and interacations with their favorite teams, heros and brands.

Kloudspot helps you do just that!


Automatic Fan Identification

Identification of Repeat Visitors

Track Fan Dwell Times

Observe Path Traversals

Integrate And Retrieve CRM Data

Mine Social Profiles

Track On-Screen Moments

Footfall Measurements

Increase Reach Of Brands And Businesses To Sports Fans

Kloudspot provides ways to design and activate meaningful engagements with the sports fans.

Create And Serve Meaningful, Engaging Interactions

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness platform provides you with real-time situational data that can be harnessed to create and serve various fan interactions, quizzes, floor maps, fan merchandize and games.

Multimedia Server

WiFi Guest Portal and CMS with Automatic Wi-Fi sign-on

Way Finder Maps

Provide situational way finders and floor maps

eCommerce Enabled

Build (situational) eCommerce interactions

Streaming Videos

High speed local streaming servers to serve live video content

Quiz and Surveys

Create and serve surveys in real-time

Texts & Notifications

Invite participation using Texts, App Notifications

Rules Engine

Schedule, Activate rule based engagements

Analytics & Reports

Meaningful Insights and situational analytics
All this is possible using your existing network infrastructure. The Kloudspot Situational Awareness Technology platform makes it possible to harness WiFi networks to trace and visualize attendee journeys within and around the premise, manage digital signage and also monitor the health of the wifi network all in real-time.