State of the art Remotely Manageable, Programmable Digital Display and Signage Solution

Enterprises using IoT data in digital marketing campaigns are better positioned to reach their goals and generate quantifiable ROI.

Meet your customers where they are. Interact with your customers over mobile, signage displays and kiosks as they journey on your network. Get real-time Kloudspot insight into the experience of WiFi users at each touchpoint. Dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of your brand by offering your customers the right information and interactions. Analyze how they react to your product, brand, business or service.

Built to bring your ideas to life!






Intelligent advertising

Harness data analytics and artificial intelligence to understand and anticipate audience intent. Target advertising based on where the audience will probably go instead of where they went.

Optimize creatives based on target audience.

Make your digital signage displays respond to physical events. Switch from scheduled media to on-demand experiences using touch screens, motion and light sensors, NFC/Beacon, mobile interaction and data APIs.

Some Expectations of  Sports Fans
Some Expectations of  Sports Fans

ROI Delivered! 

Reactive, programmable displays that can change advertisements or content  based on real-time viewer demographics, footfall or situation.  

Feature Rich. Easily Managed. No technicians needed!

Screen Zoning

Campaign Scheduler

Layout Designer

Rules Engine

Template Manager

Multimedia Support

Support for multimedia formats and data integrations

Images & Video

Weather Servers

Html 5 Webpages

Rules Engine

ERP/ CRM Integration

Overlay on Video Feed

Kibana, Tableau

End Point CMS Display

RSS Feeds

Zoom Integration

Social Media

Some Expectations of  Sports Fans


All aspects of your signage display are recorded, from user activity to media playback. The data is made available as CSV files for further analysis to improve advertising further.

Our smart device management dashboard provides you with a real-time view of the status of every device connected to your signage network, e.g.: Are the screens ON? Are they playing the right content?

Open API integration

Integrate 3rd party data services with KloudDisplay to extend your signage capabilities with triggers to ensure that your screens show exactly what you customers want, when they want it.

Role Based Access Control

Create and manage multiple administrators to your signage solution with varying levels of access, from updating one or more templates to scheduling content groups or managing your entire network.

All this built on top of Kloudspot's Self Driving Network Platform

To ensure the best experience for all stakeholders in the business, the Kloudspot platform is built on an enterprise grade networking solution which can be overlayed on top of almost any existing public and hybrid clouds. All aspects of the networking solution is software driven and can be securely and remotely managed from your desk.