Beyond being better informed, digital transformation is actually changing the process of strategic decision-making.

Automation can enable companies to refocus their people on more strategic tasks and increasingly gain access to a global view of the company’s interactions with a customer. Beyond being better informed, digital transformation is actually changing the process of strategic decision-making.

So what's in the Kloud?

Kloudspot provides enterprise grade reliability, scalability and extensibility for your WiFi network. Kloudspot platform can be integrated with your existing WiFi solution freeing you from costly hardware upgrades.

KloudAware, the situation awareness layer helps you engage customers in meaningful ways, thus transforming your network from a cost center to a revenue generator.

IoT Gateway

Automated, intelligent, and secure IoT connectivity from edge to cloud.

Situational Awareness

Using Kloudspot you can obtain a real-time, dynamic view of your business through your network infrastructure

Machine Learning

Use your data sets to build smarter customer engagement, improve operational processes and transform business models

Network Intelligence

Kloudspot provides visibility across any network segment, into any service and from all types of connected devices.

Data Analytics

Derive unique and interesting structures supporting multiple dynamical processes that shape your networks

Cloud Managed

Kloudspot's cloud-managed software and KloudSensors helps you deploy, manage and monitor both your customer experience and your wireless infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

WiFi Security

KloudShield protects your network from inappropriate content and malware ensuring great user experience and faster WiFi access.

Centrally Managed

Easily manage your WiFi and Sensor network remotely like never before. Update, monitor and track your physical WiFi device, view real time and historical data of your WiFi users anytime. Change a network configuration globally or regionally.You can do all this sitting at your desk.

The extensive dashboards turns network connectivity and usage data into a goldmine of information and knowledge. Apply business rules and actions to individual Network element or to a region or across the entire network.

Templates, Rules Engine and Schedulers make it easy to automate information delivery and messaging to your WiFi users and customers.

    Unmatched Enterprise-grade Cloud Architecture

    Install a dynamo that turbo charges your workflow into high gear. With Kloudspot you get a powerful service that leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies that gathers, transmits, and creates actionable intelligence from the physical world.

    A variety of wireless technologies underpin deep indoor and outdoor use cases, enabling cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of applications.

    It’s flexible and it’s ready for however you want to use it. We offer a wide range of services, from connectivity as a service to full stack device and application solutions.


      Reliability and Security

      KloudShield, the security layer built into the Kloudspot platform ensures that your network is secure at all times. The reliable Kloudspot access points (APs) ensure robust connectivity.

      Easily manage your WiFi network remotely like never before. Automatic updates ensure that your users are protected from malware and inappropriate content. Update, monitor and track your physical WiFi access points. Change a network configuration globally or regionally. You can do all this sitting at your desk.

        Third Party Integration

        Kloudspot makes it easy to integrate with third party systems using powerful Web APIs, and secure connectivity. Kloudspot provides both push and pull mechanisms. Using custom applications, you can pull WiFi analytics from Kloudspot or push configuration and policy changes to it.

        You can also push WiFi analytics to third-party Web services.