Mobility is at the core of Digital Transformation driving innovation in today’s business world.

Mobility helps companies leverage contextual data to reach out to customers, employees and partners anytime, anywhere. Mobility is ubiquitous, unlocks value of point solutions, and augments innovative solutions to help businesses grow.

Some of the key areas of a business where mobility can have a significant impact are: Engagement, Customer & Social Loyalty, Commerce, Augmented Reality, Gaming, Support. For the enterprise, it can be used to harness Productivity, Workforce Automation, Collaboration and Dashboards for insights and action.

Smart Guest Login

Enhance the guest experience by enabling multiple login methods for guests such as secure generated credentials, self-registered mobile number and email ID or sms based logins.

Additionally, integration with Social Login supporting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram enables you to engage with guests that have opted to share their public profile helping you to build brand equity and loyal promoters.

Guest Portal

Along with the WiFi connectivity, Kloudspot enables businesses to deliver smart, meaningful information, entertainment and relevant advertising to their guests.

Businesses can create easily custom interfaces using the Kloudspot Admin interfaces. Integrate content from third party sources such as weather, stock information, news, music and video content.

Incorporate ad campaigns into the content, using rules engine and scheduler.


Enhancements to Guest Portal

Depending on your industry, the guest portal features can be enhanced using various services available in the Kloudspot platform. For example, hotels can use the IoT platform to enable room automation sensors to control lights and airconditioning. Staff and guest presence tracking for service requests.

Control IoT Enabled Devices

Use Kloudspot to enhance guest experience and energy efficiency. While guests can enjoy the comforts of light and room control right from their mobiles, the business will find Kloudspot useful to improve energy and operational efficiency. Using WiFi and bluetooth sensors, the Kloudspot platform can give valuable information about presence and room occupancy which can be used to dim the lights and adjust the airconditioning for example.

Enhance Operational Processes

Improve guest experience by providing faster and better services. Monitor and track staff and resource movements across the premises using device IDs. With 3rd party integration to Property Management Systems (PMS) enable instant SMS notifications to staff on service requests.


Guest Portals can be implemented for various scenarios including,

Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Cafes & Convention Centers, Transportation industry such as Rail, Bus and Cruises and Public WiFi Networks